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The Fort Knox Spouses and Community Club members love their Sub-Clubs.  They are what bring us together.  in any given month members can join as many sub-club meetups as they would like.  Visitors, or those contemplating membership, can attend one sub-club event.  Most meet once a month.  Some meet more or less often.  For more information on our sub-clubs and their upcoming events, please visit our Facebook page at

FKSCC Book Club

For those who love reading, or just want to read more.  Each month the club reads one or two books chosen by the members, then gathers at a home, restaurant or virtually to discuss. 

FKSCC Coffee Clubs

Get your daily dose of caffeine and a little more conversation when you meet at one of our great on post or off post coffee locations.  For those who don't want to get dressed before that first cup, virtual coffees happen too.

FKSCC Couples Night Out

Whether dining at our favorite Mexican place or throwing Axes, couples night out is for every couple that wants to get out of the house for some adult fun and conversation.  These are +1 events so spouses don't need to join the club.

FKSCC Crafting Club

If DIY Home Decor is your thing, you'll love taking part in crafting for all seasons.  Painting, sewing, and hot glue gunning are all art forms you can do to create the most beautiful projects.  Fill your home up with your own DIY.

FKSCC Daytrippers

You're stationed in one of the most amazing areas.  Get out and see it.  Daytrippers travel to different local destinations taking in the culture, history and attractions our communities have to offer.

FKSCC Diet Bet

Using the website, this club encourages members to get fit and lose a few pounds each month.  They share recipes and exercise tips, and help each other stay on track as they work to win.

FKSCC Fitness/Zumba

If you love to workout, you'll love gathering with friends to workout together.  No experience or fitness level is required.  Leaders vary the exercise routines to keep you working hard and sweating profusely.  

FKSCC Hiking Club

In case you didn't know, the local area is full of fun trails, waterfalls, and other landmarks you can discover when you hike with other members.  Sometimes you can even bring your kids or your four legged friends.  

FKSCC Just Desserts

Pie, cakes and cookies galore in this sub-club that takes you to all the favorite bakeries, ice cream shops, and dessert bars in the local area.  Satisfy that sweet tooth without pulling out the stand mixer or preheating your oven.

FKSCC Lunch and a Movie

The latest movie releases are coming soon, and you won't want to miss them.  Join friends for lunch close to the theatre and then head to the theatre for an action-adventure, or a rom-com.  Don't forget the popcorn.

FKSCC Lunch Bunch

Food and Friends come together to try out new local restaurants you won't see anywhere else.  Some you might have heard of on the food network and others might be holes in the walls only the locals know. 

FKSCC Mommy and Me

Get those toddlers out of the house and meet up with others who need to run off some energy before nap time. Go to the zoo, or to a park or to someone's home for adult and child social time.  

FKSCC Photography Club

Take your photography hobby to the next level by sharing your love with friends.  Each month the leaders present a different theme, and want to see your most creative interpretations.  Or just snap whatever you see!  For fun!

FKSCC Pokeno Club

It's Bingo with playing cards combined with a version of White Elephant you are sure to love.  You'll love this game from the moment you start playing, and even more if you win and take home a prize or two or ten.

FKSCC Running Club

The Running Club meets weekly for a run, jog, walk or stroll through the amazing trails on Fort Knox.  All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged.  Bring your water, running shoes, and kids in strollers if you want.  

FKSCC Secret Sisters...

...and a Couple Misters.  This club is a monthly secret Santa gift exchange.  Sign up to give something special to, and receive something amazing from one of your fellow FKSCC members.  

FKSCC Sippin' Corn Bourbon Club

The Sippin' Corn Bourbon sub-club is all about exploring and enjoying the only Spirit native to the United States.  Join us for distillery tours, tastings, and other monthly events that will increase your love for Kentucky Bourbon.

FKSCC What's Next?

What sub-club would you like to lead?  What activity do you love that you would like to share with others?  Where would you like to go with friends?  There are no limits on how many sub clubs we can have, so contact us to start yours.