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Answer Opportunity

Answer Opportunity

Act Purposefully

Always Together

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As members of the FKSCC we are always looking for ways to serve our community.  Whether it's at events like Night at the Patton Museum (pictured above), or through visits to our local veterans home, or simply through donations to schools or other organizations, we are here to act with purpose.  


We are a family.  Together, we will support one another, give to one another, and connect with one another in many different ways.  There are monthly mixers, sub-club activities, and events always happening where members can come together for fellowship and fun.  No matter how you get involved you will connect. 

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The causes surrounding our community begs the question..."How can we help?"  Through our community grants and scholarships programs we are reaching out to organizations in need and students determined to continue their education.  Now, they can answer opportunities of their own.

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